Disability Induction Program for your students

The disability and community care sector is one of the fastest growing sectors in the country, so it’s a great time for your students to consider a care career.

If your students are keen to learn more about working in the sector, carecareers’ online Disability Induction Program is a great place to start.

This induction program gives students an understanding of the work we do; the rewards as well as the challenges.

By the end of the program your students will have comprehensive, practical knowledge they can apply to working with people with disability. They’ll also receive a certificate for each module they complete. A perfect addition to their resumes.

Did you hear? NDIS funded in NSW

So, you were probably at school today when the Prime Minister announced funding for the NDIS in NSW, but the projectABLE team were all gathered around the TV watching her press conference.

If you haven’t followed the Every Australian Counts campaign for a National Disability Insurance Scheme, you can catch up on the facts with our What is the NDIS? blog. The campaign has steadily convinced politicians on both sides of parliament to come together to improve services for people with disability living in Australia. This will mean more funding, more consistent services across Australia, and more jobs in the disability and community care sector for you to apply for when you’ve finished studying!

Today Prime Minister Gillard and Premier Barry O’Farrell announced that the NDIS would be funded in NSW, providing  extra care for about 140,000 residents. This is excellent news and a great reward for all the disability advocates who have fought long and hard for the scheme.

Learn more about this landmark decision on the ABC website: Feds, NSW strike deal on disability scheme.

Follow Every Australian Counts on Facebook for more info.

Julia Gillard and Barry O'Farrell


creating communities online

What did we do before the internet?

The internet has replaced looking up a number in the phone book, queuing in line at the bank, waiting on hold, doing your research at the library.

For people living with disability, the internet has made huge changes. In the last 15 years, accessing information has been revolutionised – and as a result, those with limited mobility, hearing loss, vision impairment or the need for plain English websites can access information in more ways than ever before.

Here at projectABLE we’ve been keeping a close eye on the online community and disability – how inclusive the web is, how accessible it is, and in the best cases, how empowering it can be.

Bloggers have in recent years kind of become the new rock stars, and where rock stars with disability on stage have been somewhat lacking, they now make up for in waves online.

Some blogs, advocacy groups and communities we’ve come to love at projectABLE:

  • Stella Young on The Drum – Stella Young, a Melbourne based activist, is a blogger, comedian, activist in disability and editor of ABC’s online disability publication Ramp Up.
  • Ramp Up is produced by the ABC and is an opinion and news column for and about communities living with disability
  • Youth Disability Advocacy Service  – Established in 2006 and funded by the State Government, YDAS is the only disability advocacy service in Australia (and possibly the world) which exists specifically to represent and work on issues of concern to specifically young people with disabilities.
  • Disability Scoop is a US based online magazine covering a range of topics for and about people with disability
  • Enable is a UK based online publication covering many aspects of life when living with disability – travel, employment, the arts and more.

Have you found other similar online communities? Share with us your experience. We also regularly post interesting finds regarding disability on our Twitter and Facebook.