have you seen the carecareers ads?

projectABLE is managed by the carecareers team. We’re like its little sister! carecareers is a job site for the disability and community care sector and is a great place to find Part Time work when you finish school. Lots of people seek work in the sector to support themselves while they study.

You might have seen the carecareers ads on TV over the past few years. The latest ad features Talia, a girl with cerebral palsy. She and her family access a team of frontline professional staff for support, such as a Speech Pathologist, Occupational Therapist, Case Worker and Physiotherapist.

Do any of these roles sound like careers you might be interested in?

Watch Talia’s story to find out more:

projectABLE in the media

The projectABLE half day workshops have been hitting the local press this week, with coverage in the Macarthur Chronicle and the Northern District Times. It’s wonderful that local communities are learning about the program, not only so they know what students are achieving in the workshops, but also to highlight the great work our affiliate organisations are doing in the community.

We got great media in 2011 as well, featuring our 2011 ambassadors, Holly, Shayama and Kyrillos. These exceptional students featured in the St George and Sutherland Shire Leader The Hills Shire Times and The Liverpool Leader, among others.

This year, everyone has the opportunity to be an ambassador for the rights and dignity of others, by contributing to our online challenge, is your community accessible? We’re asking students to discover positive and negative examples of accessibility and inclusion in their school, community, home and in the media. Learn more and then share your experience!


projectABLE website launched!

Welcome to projectABLE.com.au! We’re thrilled to welcome you to our new website, packed with career workshop information, registration details for the Certificate Training in the school holidays and our interactive ‘What’s next?’ section, where you can discover ways to support your community, gain valuable work experience and think about disability and accessibility in new ways.

If you’ve already attended a workshop but want to stay involved, you might consider volunteer work or a school-based traineeship.

You can also participate in our quest to discover accessible and inclusive parts of our community: buildings, sports clubs, TV shows, news articles, websites and more! We’re looking for both positive and negative examples of access and inclusion in the community. Start looking at your community different and post examples here on projectABLE so we can chat about creating a more accessible, inclusive society! Is your community accessible?

We’re also keen to hear your thoughts, reflections and feedback on the projectABLE workshops. What did you learn? How have the workshops changed your views or career aspirations?